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Newcomer Integration Plan

At Sunway, we want all of our employees to feel they contribute at their fullest capacity and to help develop their capabilities in line with personal and company objectives. As such, for those committed, we are glad to invest in a mutually benefitting development, for you, for Sunway and for the community as a whole. In addition to individual developments, below is an overview of some of the standard developmental programs we have and are continuously offering.


Stars of the Future 

This program is part of our campus recruitment process. It is a one year development program including class room training, production line work practice, cross-department job rotation etc. The target is to lay a solid foundation of understanding for Sunway for future development within the group.


New Managers 

This program targets newly appointed managers in Sunway, who will undergo a two month training to help develop their managerial ability. This will foster a spirit of growth and personal self fulfilment and improve team collaboration.


Leadership Class

The program targets high-potential middle level management employees. We expect that future leaders will require an international understanding, ability for deep understanding, and a can do attitude. The program is dedicated to further develop corporate culture insight, leadership, strategic and financial management in order to enhance global vision and enable rapid growth.


Production Line Control

For production line leaders, this program focuses on role recognition, communication coordination, abnormal handling, and other relevant topics to help better manage a team.

Lean Production

For production managers and supervisors, this program is a series of courses focusing on a deeper understanding of lean production. The program also includes daily production and operation and efficiency improvement of on-site management. This program fosters the general development of our factory leadership skills.


Project Management

Project managers need to be multi-faceted, with an ability to understand and manage multiple competences and several parallel activities. Hence, whether you have a specialist background or one of more generic nature, this program will help you with the tools you need to manage international development programs. Several practical examples are used and experiences shared.


Professional Advancement

All employees in Sunway are regularly offered the ability to participate in courses within a specific field. It may relate to language proficiency, IT tool use, or any other area within the scope of our business.

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