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Sunway at Shenzhen ELEXCON 2018


ELEXCON 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair


From December 20 to 22, the 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair and the 7th Shenzhen International Electronic and Embedded System Fair were opened in Shenzhen's Convention & Exhibition Center. As a global leading supplier of RF and audio components, Sunway Communication attended the event with nine product lines.


Sunway Communication Exhibition Booth: 9 product lines

With RF (Radio Frequency) technology as its core, Sunway Communication has been dedicated to becoming a global leading supplier of components and assemblies of audio and RF. At the fair, Sunway Communication displayed 9 product lines, including antennas, wireless charging/magnetic materials, RF front-end components, acoustics parts, precision metals, contact springs, precision connectors, high-speed cable harness and metal/ceramic powder injection molding (MIM/CIM). Each product line was supported by detailed information and product managers to provide in-depth information. Sunway Communication's product exhibition hall attracted significant attention from several visitors.


During the fair, senior managers of the Sunway Communication Group visited the venue paying great importance to the impact of the fair and giving attention to the development trend of industrial leading products and technologies.


Sunway Communication Forum: Technical Seminar

During the fair, the organizers also organized CMMF 2018, where global mobile phone manufacturers, solution providers and core technology suppliers were invited to share and exchange with the industry on current technical topics, such as 5G testing and materials and key custom components of mobile phones. Dr. Zhao Anping, Chief Antenna Expert of Sunway Communication's Central Research Institute, and Nan Guohui, Product Manager, were invited to present Sunway's antenna research and application technology roadmap. The leading position of Sunway's technology development and manufacturing competence was demonstrated from a number of aspects, such as its achievements in 5G antenna research and LDS antenna manufacturing capability.


The participation of Sunway Communication in the 2018 Shenzhen International Electronics Fair was successfully concluded with Sunway being granted the honor as one of “Top Three Smartphone Technology and Solution Providers in 2018” by the organizers, further commenting:

“Sunway has demonstrated its powerful cutting-edge development and technology innovation competence through the fair, shared an analysis of 5G antenna development trends, promoted in-depth exchange on industrial leading manufacturing technology, and displayed Sunway Group's abilities in high speed development and pioneering innovation.”

In response, Sunway's Product Manager Nan Guohui commented:

“In the future, to satisfy the demands of its customers and deal with fierce competition in the industrial market, Sunway Communication will keep pursuing increasingly advanced products, dedicate itself to serving its customers, seeking continuous improvements, continuing to break through with sustained innovation, and enhance its market position as a leading global supplier.”


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