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On April 8, 2018, the results of “The 2017 Election of Most Appreciated Listed Companies by Investors” were officially announced, organized by China Association for Public Companies jointly with China Securities Investor Protection Fund Corporation, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Securities Association of China, the Asset Management Association of China and the China Securities Investor Services Center. Sunway was elected into the “Top 100” list together with 99 other renowned listed companies of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.


The evaluation criteria were honesty and compliance, responsiveness, innovation, governance and management, and market recognition. Organizers of the election adopted an open voting system for the first time, with votes from 5,389 individual investors, 592 ordinary institution investors and 153 professional institution investors, ensuring the credibility and authority of the election. From over 3,500 listed companies of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges 100 companies stood out by the number of votes and were awarded the recognition as China's Most Appreciated Listed Companies by Investors 2017.


In recent years, Sunway Communication has centered its development strategy and vision around the motto “Dedicated to being a global leading supplier of one-stop components and assemblies in audio and RF" with several advancements in RF (Radio Frequency) technology. As a result, it has made great achievements and received notable recognition from the capital market and its investors. In the future, Sunway Communication will stay true to its vision and carry on the corporate mission and the core corporate values of “customer satisfaction, result-orientation, accountability, pursuit of the limit, and honesty”. In the era of 5G development, Sunway Communication will stay true to its core RF technology focus, its high-performance innovative customized products and rapid response ambitions. It will continue to further develop domestic and global customers, and continuously increase the corporate value, thus creating additional value for our shareholders, employees and the society.

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