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Award – High Growth 5G Company


On November 8, China's Listed Company Summit Forum was held in Chengdu. Under the theme "New Consumer Patterns, New Technologies, and New Momentum", the forum gathered nearly 1,000 business leaders, renowned brokers, fund company managers, as well as domestic and foreign economists. Sunway Communication (SZ 300136) was honored to be included in the list of "Listed 5G Industry Companies with Greatest Growth Potential".


The award is a strong affirmation of Sunway's strength and technological innovation. Organized by the renowned financial paper "National Business Daily", the forum is one of the most influential economic forums in China. It is an important voice channel for investors, a vital display and communication platform for listed companies, and a bridge between investors and listed companies. The forum has increasingly become a notable event in the spotlight of the capital market.

Over 2,000 listed companies participated in the selection. After comprehensive due diligence of the companies’ performance and subsequent voting process, Sunway Communication was honored with the award and listed in the 2019 List of Recognitions.


In recent years, Sunway has taken the lead in propelling research and development of 5G technology and launching related products. This includes, for example, 5G antennas, RF front-end components and 5G RF materials based products like LCP and MPI transmission lines. Sunway's mm-wave transmission lines have also been used for the connection between Qualcomm's 5G baseband chips and 5G mm-wave antenna modules. For 5G base stations, Sunway has ramped up mass production of small cell antenna elements for major base station equipment manufacturers. Several other RF products for small cell base stations are in development.

To capitalize on opportunities surfaced by the global deployment of 5G, Sunway Communication will continuously strengthen the research, development and integration of new technologies, continue to focus resources on frontline 5G R&D in order to extend our RF-based technology advantage. This, we are sure, will lay a solid technical foundation for a sustained future development.

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