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Covid-19 Status Update


Shenzhen, China – (February 17, 2020) — In response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, Chinese national and regional governments have taken a series of measures to curb its spread. These measures include travel restrictions, setting up of quarantine areas, checking suspected cases, tracking travel histories of close contacts and warning of places visited by confirmed patients. At Sunway Communication, we strictly adhere to all these measures as well as take our own precautions to safeguard our employees and business partners.


We extended the Chinese New Year holiday for our workers in line with or exceeding governmental requirements. Mr. Peng, the CEO of Sunway Communication, sent a letter to employees before returning to work outlining the overarching goal of safety and company directions for the safe resumption of work.


Sunway Communication issued an instruction manual detailing procedures for employees depending on their individual situation. Several check points and safety measures have been implemented at the company premises, including body temperature checks, designated hospital examinations, the mandatory use of protective masks, avoidance of face to face meetings, encouragement of home based work, separation of canteen hours, regular disinfections, and more.


In terms of business impact, all Sunway sites and factories are operational. However, we ask our business partners for understanding in these troubled weeks while we will make every endeavor to meet business commitments. We feel confident with the measures taken at our facilities across China and globally, and we look forward to the successful joint fight against the new virus caused disease.

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