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Shenzhen, China - (March 17, 2020) – During the last two months, communities around the world have been put under immense pressure due to the novel coronavirus. At the same time, individuals and companies alike have come together to support the combat against this new disease. At Sunway Communication, we have so far donated close to two million RMB worth of epidemic prevention materials, including a negative-pressure isolation ambulance, 50,000 medical surgical masks, 5,000 medical isolation suits and 5,000 sets of medical goggles. This was done through Sunway Charity Foundation, which also set up a special fund for additional purchase of isolation protective clothing. The donations were received by Huanggang Central Hospital in Hubei province as well as Anhua People's Hospital and the Anhua Red Cross Society in Hunan province. The Hubei and Hunan provinces are among the worst-hit in China by the novel coronavirus.


Despite the lockdowns of cities, traffic controls on highways and severe shortage of epidemic prevention resources, volunteers from Sunway Charity Foundation went to great lengths to make sure that the donations were prepared and delivered to their final destination. "When we heard the news of the horrible situation, the only thing hovering over our hearts was to help the medical staff at the front line. We have to back the doctors and nurses while they are risking their lives for all of us", said one of the volunteers. 

Sunway Charity Foundation was established with the aim of giving back to society as Sunway continues to grow and benefit from the communities in which it operates. The foundation is meant to support people who live in difficult circumstances but despite their predicaments persist in helping others. The foundation intends to help preserve the kindness of these extraordinary groups of people and support spreading their spirit to other groups as well.


As the virus now spreads in many countries around the world, we hope that communities come together and demonstrate the determination, efforts and mutual support required to help our societies to return to normal as quickly as possible. At Sunway, our operations have resumed in our Chinese locations, while our foreign locations are still faced with certain restrictions to contain the virus spread. Worldwide, we ensure that we do not let our guard down, but continue to be vigilant, thus protecting our employees, business partners and societies in which we operate.

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