RF Connectivity Solutions and More

Sunway Communication is one of the largest suppliers of precision metals and metals/plastics components and structural assemblies for several markets. A high degree of vertical integration incl. electro and electroless plating as well as a developed supplier network enable our ability for complex and cost effective manufacturing. Many of the world's device manufacturers (smartphones, smartwatch, earwear, smart home, etc) as well as demanding customers in automotive and other industries rely on our expertise to develop customized precision metals and metals/plastic parts from conceptual idea to mass production.




Smartphone Deco





Material selection: 430

Process flow: MIM+ polishing + PVD;




Product and Supply Features:

The structure is thin and difficult to process;

Has magnetic function requirements;

Skin contact, avoiding Ni allergies;

MIM forming can be designed to be strong, and the design structure can be varied according to customer needs, improving production efficiency and reducing costs;

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