RF Connectivity Solutions and More

Sunway Communication acquired its cable and connector manufacturing unit Alex in 2014, but its experience dates all the way back to 1997. Our cable and connector business has since then focused on developing new and innovative products to meet emerging customer requirements for higher data transmission speeds and connector complexity. Particularly, we see increasingly more interest in active optical cables (AOC) for data center and consumer applications, eg. 8K TV and Virtual Reality headmount displays. In the automotive industry, the megatrends of electrification and autonomous vehicles drive development of new cables and connectors. As expected, our deeply rooted RF competence is also appreciated for several types of RF coaxial connectors and connectors.

RF Cables



SMA Male To SMA Male





SMA Male To SMA Male

Loss: 2.52 dB/m @26.5GHz




Product and Supply Features:


Suitable for RFID, radar,GPS, testing and measurement applications

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