End-to-End Customized Solutions


Design Capabilities

Central Research Institute

Sunway invests continuously in order to stay at the forefront of technologies, to ensure that we are the global leading provider of RF one-stop solutions. Key focus areas include antenna designs for current and future systems, like 5G, MIMO, RF Front-ends as well as new dielectric and magnetic materials and solutions in the various emerging IoT technologies. Our corporate Central Research Institute with activities in Shenzhen, China and Stockholm, Sweden is a driving force for these advancements. Naturally, Sunway also makes major investments in IPR and holds an impressive international patent portfolio within selected technology areas.


Sunway Communication is a company with a strong and solid base in R&D across multiple technology domains. At the core is our in-depth understanding of both theoretical and applied RF (Radio Frequency) Technologies. For a perfected RF solution we carry out computer simulations, something also done for mechanical optimizations. We also recognize the need for reliable mechanical solutions and the selection of adequate manufacturing processes. An upfront Design For Manufacturing analysis and Design for Cost approach is frequently carried out. Most of our customer projects are customized to specific needs and our blue-chip customer base relies on our ability to meet their most stringent requirements. 


In RF, we bolster a wide range of components, modules and solutions to ensure total system performance optimization. These include antennas, RF Front-end modules such as switches, tuners and multiplexers, as well as RF optimized contact springs, connectors, cables, and LCP flexible transmission lines in the form of microstrips and striplines. The recent adoption of wireless charging for various devices has meant that we are now a major supplier of WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) modules, NFC modules and combinations thereof. Furthermore, 5G sets new requirements on high-performance materials and designs, both in the sub-6 GHz domain as well as at mm-wave frequencies. To achieve the highest performance levels, we perform several computer simulations as part of our design process. If your device requires wireless connectivity, you can count on Sunway to have the right solution. In many cases, we also integrate multiple components into high-performance miniaturized modules, for example antennas integrated onto a speaker box.

Vertical integration

A high degree of vertical integration is one of the ways, in which we strive to leverage our technological advantages. Thanks to in-house manufacturing capabilities in key areas like molding, plating, punching, LDS (Laser Direct Structuring), MIM/CIM (Metal/Ceramic Injection Molding), precision assembly etc, we ensure that we have a close link between our design and manufacturing. This is essential in order to provide a fast process to market launch while meeting the most strict quality and cost requirements.


In many of our customers' application markets, a high degree of automated manufacturing is the only way to reach the needed production quantities and yields. Hence, Sunway has made significant investments in automation capabilities and equipment, something that ensures quality, cost, and the required capacity. In Shenzhen, Beijing, and Changzhou, our automation engineering teams work in close co-operation with our conceptual and tailored design teams to develop high-performing automation processes for your product needs.

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